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tesla explained

22 Feb

One of the Tesla coils used by Bjork in her stage show. Photo by Will Hermes.

Thanks to NPR’s Bob Boilen for exposing me as a shoddy music reporter: Despite my mention of it, before this video I had no idea how a Tesla coil could be used as an instrument.

jelly bean mold

7 Dec

Can’t say I’ll ever be a fan of Kina Grannis, but the making of her “In Your Arms” video captured my attention for a small chunk of the day. They built an entire plaster mold of her, covered it in pink jelly beans, and then cut it apart, all for about three frames of video. You can skip to that part; it’s at the five-minute mark.

scratch where i been itchin’

30 Nov


Of the two recent songs that explicitly mention Mick Jagger, I’ll take this one.

‘el manana’ animated

4 Nov

A lot of stuff floating up to the surface because of Gorillaz turning ten this month. Some is nonessential flotsam, but I’d never seen this and really liked the sketchy animation style.


That eventually became this:


Comparing the two, I liked the first one better. But then the shot of the windmill in flames and then the whole ending sequence convinced me otherwise. See for yourself.

gosling’s halloween treat

31 Oct

In honor of Halloween, a video from the wrap party of Ryan Gosling’s spirit-obsessed musical project Dead Man’s Bones:


Musically it’s a mediocre performance, but Gosling and Zach Shields made a pact to learn every instrument they wanted on the album and to not do more than three takes of any track, so perfection wasn’t the point. Besides, it’s worth watching for the kids’ costumes, and as a trained actor, Gosling’s spooky voice is spooky. Plus, the dénouement is a kid crashing a cymbal with a plastic sword before he and a mummy “pound it.”

The whole project is worth reading about. Especially on Halloween.