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help in 140 characters

28 Nov

A while back, my friend Brian told me about Underheard in New York, a project where a group of three ad interns gave four homeless men a prepaid phone and a Twitter account in order to “include them in our global community.”

From the home page of Underheard in New York

What’s fascinating, which Brian also pointed out, is just how different the writing and linguistic styles are. When I first heard about it, I intended to post a sampling of all four, but two of them aren’t active and their Twitter accounts no longer exist. Here are tweets from the other two, Albert and Danny, who have 3,000 and 4,000 followers, respectively.

@albert814, June 23

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@putodanny, July 26

Today i found out that someone has stold my back pack.i had a bible in it and theytake everything else.

rare languages = the new slang

12 Jul

Via Kottke:

Young people in Chile, the Phillipines, and Mexico are using endangered regional languages to communicate and express themselves online and via text messaging.


Samuel Herrera, who runs the linguistics laboratory at the Institute of Anthropological Research in Mexico City, found young people in southern Chile producing hip-hop videos and posting them on YouTube using Huilliche, a language on the brink of extinction. Herrera also discovered teens in the Phillippines and Mexico who think it’s “cool” to send text messages in regional endangered languages like Kapampangan and Huave.

twitter = literature

20 Jun

Anyone who either a) lives in Chicago, or b) reads the news, knows about Dan Sinker, aka @MayorEmanuel. They may not have seen, however, the absolutely brilliant cover for his new book, The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel, illustrated by Paul Hornschemeier.

It’s a bit inexplicable as to why, but I find it hilarious. It may have something to do with the fact that Rahm looks a bit like Robert Downey Jr. But it’s also the duck, the mustache, the falconer’s glove, the foreword by Twitter’s founder, and the blurb from Rahm himself (whether the last is real or not).