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22 Nov

Mandy Brown, by Carrie Levy.

I do know Mandy Brown. I just didn’t know I knew her.

Since my friend Derek turned me on to The Great Discontent, I look forward to Tuesdays, when they post a new interview. A majority of the time, I abandon the text at about question three or four. It’s mostly about design, and I don’t know enough to really engage with their stories. But I enjoy going nonetheless.

But now, today, a designer and a writer. Predictably, I’m all ears. Then I realize I’ve seen her stuff before—also via Derek.

Mandy Brown created A Working Library and helped found A Book Apart. She does many other things as well. In reading the interview, I was drawn toward the aphoristic quotations off to the right, which had been pulled from Mandy’s writings and appear below.

What I found most intriguing was how many of them remarkably mimicked my thoughts of the past two days, as I’ve meditated on a new essay I plan to write for Anobium. Which, in the end, is a brilliant example of precisely what she’s talking about. Enjoy.

:: :: ::

Always read with a pen in hand. The pen should be used both to mark the text you want to remember and to write from where the text leaves you. Think of the text as the starting point for your own words.

:: :: ::

Reading and writing are not discrete activities; they occur on a continuum, with reading at one end, writing at the other. The best readers spend their time somewhere in between.

:: :: ::

A single book struggles to balance on its spine; it pines for neighbors. Keep as many books as you have room for.

:: :: ::

Read voraciously, many books at a time. Only then will you hear the conversation taking place among them.


1 Nov

Designer and illustrator Matt Stevens:

“All experience is valuable experience. We, a lot of times, come out of school and get horrible jobs or jobs we’re not that excited about. I would encourage folks to be patient. Some of the best lessons I’ve learned have been at the worst jobs I’ve had.”

I think that will resonate with just about everybody.

via The Great Discontent.