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ten years of animated apes

29 Nov

The Gorillaz turned ten this fall, and released a collection of singles today

I assume that Intelligentsia playing the first Gorillaz album this morning has something to do with today’s release of The Singles Collection: 2001-2011, which I had the pleasure of writing about for ALARM. Excerpt below. Full text here.

What’s cool about hearing the compressed discography is the pop of each album’s highly stylized flavor, together a panorama of ideas, influences, and production values. What’s not as cool is that there’s nothing from The Fall, last year’s minimal but masterful album recorded on an iPad in hotel rooms during 30 days of a US tour.

one year after the fall

18 Oct


At work, my mind wanders and brings a memory of The Fall. I’d forgotten about it. It shocks me when something incredible can be buried so quickly, like an important email lost to those bolded messages stacking on top of it. The Fall was released on Christmas Day last year, the Gorillaz’s gift to the world as well as a triumph of technology: it was the first album ever recorded strictly on an iPad. Steve Jobs was around to see that one; he’ll miss all the firsts that come after it.

I go to the website my browser remembers from nine months earlier. It’s still streaming. This odd record, embedded in a random Web page. It hasn’t moved since December. I push play with the excitement of a boy finding his favorite book on a basement shelf.  Continue reading