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learn to tell your story

22 Feb

A day in the life of Matthew and Timothy Schuler

On Monday I shared some thoughts about telling stories, pulled from Malcolm Gladwell’s conversation with behavioral economist Dan Ariely. In response, my wife, Allison, posted about the positive effects that a story can have on individuals suffering from PTSD. I thought it was worth reposting here:

“…Telling your own story also rewires your brain completely. Dan Siegel, a neuroscientist, found that this was one of the best predictors of health. Individuals with post-traumatic stress syndrome often cannot tell their stories coherently at first, but with work, they eventually understand their own narrative, and this can often rewire and heal their brains.”

Learn to tell your own story. You might be healing past injuries as you do. Or at least understanding yourself a little bit better.

As for the photo above, I could tell a hundred stories about the characters, creatures, and inanimate objects I became as a little kid. But I’ll save those for another day.

graphic journalism

24 Oct

Gapers Block, Chicago’s fantastic Web newspaper, is trying something new. Graphic journalism, they’re calling it—blending a typical news story with the style of a graphic novel.

There’s a gravity to their debut story (above) we might not initially see because we associate its style with childish things like comic books. But the panels tell the story of a woman on her wedding day. She arrives at the Cook County courthouse to marry her fiance, who is being held at the jail until his court date. He is charged with shooting and killing a 24-year-old man during a card game. More emotional than the stark words a journalist would typically use and more soulful than photographs, these illustrated stories may help soften the callousness associated with news reporting. Continue reading