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15 Aug

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I don’t know how to write about music. I’m tempted to say it can’t be done. At least not in the way I think a lot of us want, treading that line between technical and experiential modes of listening. As well as taking into account that most people (myself included) don’t know the politics of the New Orleans bounce scene or the difference between dubstep and 2-step garage. Because music writing that references these sorts of things without explaining them is bound to fail for the majority. Which is, I’m sure, the point for some, who in their self-importance or self-consciousness feel superior in their exclusivity. Or perhaps there are particular audiences who crave music criticism that’s filled with nothing but adjectives and genre names, but in general, I think there’s a better way to write about music. And that’s what I’m trying to explore. It’s just that as I try, I feel a bit like I have cerebral palsy—there’s a million things rolling around in my head, but my mouth muscles won’t cooperate.  Continue reading