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yellow ribbons

11 Nov

The Veterans Day illustration

What does Google’s yellow ribbon mean?

According to some oral traditions, women began wearing yellow ribbons in their hair to symbolize that a beloved was away, sometimes in battle. In the 1949 John Ford film She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, John Wayne famously played a captain who must help two women—one wearing the ribbon of remembrance—evacuate after Custer and his cavalry are wiped out. The film was said to be inspired by the tune, “Round Her Neck She Wore a Yeller Ribbon.”

maps > google’s

19 Sep

A view of Shanghai's "Edushi," meaning E-City

I’ve been reading a lot about maps lately, and today I recalled an Architizer story about a map-making company in China:

One Chinese company … may be surpassing the Google Maps model, using pixel-art illustration techniques to reproduce China’s largest cities online. Edushi—which means “E-City” in Chinese—is a HangZhou-based company that produces incredible 3D interactive maps of most major Chinese cities. The maps are not that dissimilar to Google Maps (pan, zoom, etc.). But where Edushi really seems to exceed Google … is in the rendering style. Unlike the clunky, half-empty 3D version of Google Maps, each Edushi city is modeled seemingly down to the last window mullion.

Go see Edushi’s virtual Shanghai for yourself.

Chaplin sketch

16 Apr

Google just keeps outdoing itself with these honorary homepage designs.


on the 50th anniversary of human space flight

12 Apr

Timothy Schuler to Derek, Sean

Subject: Love the Google homepage today


Derek Hamm to me

haha, me too. i’m trying to figure out how it only animates when you mouse over.


Derek Hamm to me

This is the code just for the banner. I like it even more.


Sean Conner to me, Derek


think quarterly

8 Apr

One of the best designed publications on the planet right now isn’t even for sale.

Photo 1: Cover of Think Quarterly.

Photo 2: Color-coded neuron map of mouse hippocampus.

Photo 3: Contributor page, with graphical representations.

Photo 4: Life expectancy / fertility rate by country.

“You are invisible. Go visible.”

1 Mar

Bus Stop. Zoozimps. Tea House. Ninja.

Which gmail theme you have says a lot next to nothing about you. What does say a lot about us, individually and collectively, is what we’re emailing about.

Jessanne Collins, via Thought Catalog (and a mix-up in which she received emails unintended for her), on just that:

Half a decade into my inadvertent foray into reverse voyeurism, this is what I know. In America, we hope and dream and strive. We type colorfully, if not carefully, and in a variety of fonts—frequently oversized ones. We protect ourselves from violent crime. We ____ this weather! We keep you in our prayers and hope you can make it to our party.

She goes on to publish a list of excellent excerpts from those failed missives—a sampling of America’s day-to-day digital correspondence.

This wasn’t the first time gmail had turned up on Thought Catalog. One of the first posts I’d read was “On GChat,” a list of observations:

6. My first-ever GChat was with my then boyfriend, from the office in which I was an intern at the time. I remember being startled by the sudden appearance of the contact list on the left-hand side of the screen, under the mail options. I do not remember if I knew what I was doing when I initiated the chat — whether or not I knew what GChat was. I’d like to think it was intuitive. I’m sure Google would, too.

9. How is GChat different from AIM, which has existed since the beginning of time? You don’t get to make up a screen name — your handle automatically appears as the name associated with your GMail account. As with Facebook to MySpace, GChat, by design, asks you to take a little responsibility for yourself.

34. A contact of mine is currently working on a project for which is he twelve days over deadline. He has been invisible for twelve days — not signed out, just invisible.

google has the answers to all our questions

19 Feb

type how into google and
it might suggest

how to tie a tie
how I met your mother
how to kiss
how stuff works
how to
how to get pregnant
how to make money
how to lose weight
how to draw
howard university

add another word and—

how do I know if I’m registered to vote
how do I register to vote
how do you know if you’re pregnant
how do you know if a guy likes you
how does the electoral college work
how does it work
how do I love thee
how do I breathe lyrics

one more letter, and here are:

how do tornadoes form
how do torrents work
how do they do it
(further down on the list)
how do turtles mate

continue typing—

how do trac phones work

to find what I’m looking for.

how do trackbacks work – 64,100,000 results