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doomtree on design

17 Nov

The Twin Cities are climbing my list of places to go, and Doomtree is a major factor. I’ve slowly become fascinated with this hip-hop collective and its Midwestern roots; Sims hooked me with the horns from “Burn It Down” and Dessa keeps popping up with her fierce prose.

In a recent Q&A, Sims discussed the group’s roots and upcoming releases, but what I really liked was when he stopped playing representative and talked about life outside the music.

I like to build things. I make things with wood, like tables and book cases and things like that. I bought a bit of a hoopdie house that needs a lot of care, so I spend time working on that. There is certainly an art in construction. I’m a big fan of design and architecture, and it’s exciting for me to get to implement my personal style.

You should grab Wildlife while it’s free. “Here I Stand” is killer, a dark anthem grown from gospel roots.