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19 Sep

A view of Shanghai's "Edushi," meaning E-City

I’ve been reading a lot about maps lately, and today I recalled an Architizer story about a map-making company in China:

One Chinese company … may be surpassing the Google Maps model, using pixel-art illustration techniques to reproduce China’s largest cities online. Edushi—which means “E-City” in Chinese—is a HangZhou-based company that produces incredible 3D interactive maps of most major Chinese cities. The maps are not that dissimilar to Google Maps (pan, zoom, etc.). But where Edushi really seems to exceed Google … is in the rendering style. Unlike the clunky, half-empty 3D version of Google Maps, each Edushi city is modeled seemingly down to the last window mullion.

Go see Edushi’s virtual Shanghai for yourself.

Brute Neighbors

10 May

“At a time when our environment is under constant threat, we turn to an unlikely source for answers: The city. In this urgent anthology, poets, photographers and essayists show there is much to be learned at the  intersection of the urban and the wild.”

An interesting take on the collision of the urban and the rural, put together by a poet and an ecosystem ecologist.

We’ll see if it’s any good.

two men, two truths

8 Mar

Two men at different stages of life. Truth at different ages.


There’s just somethin’ about this hotel / Got me wishin’ I was dead / Gotta get out of New York City / Somewhere I can clear my head

I was just kickin’ along the sidewalk / No one looks you in the eye / No one asks you how you doin’ / Don’t seem to care if you live or die

I just got to get me somewhere Somewhere that I can feel free / Get me out of New York City, son / New York City’s killin’ me

I get so tired of all this concrete / I get so tired of all this noise / Gotta get back up in the country / And have a couple drinks with the good old boys


I gave up the fast lane for a blacktop county road / Just burned out on all that talk about the mother load / I traded for a songbird, a bigger piece of sky / When I miss the good old days I can’t imagine why

Still I get restless and drive into town / I cruise once down Main street and turn back around / It’s crazy but God knows I don’t act my age / like an old desperado who paints the town beige