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scratch where i been itchin’

30 Nov


Of the two recent songs that explicitly mention Mick Jagger, I’ll take this one.

buying umbrellas in the rain

3 Nov

Part of me can’t help but think there’s as big a difference between the bottom one percent and the middle class as is there is between the middle class and the top one percent.

I’m soaked. My hands are red from the wind and I can’t feel my fingers. The rain is a sheen on the black coats that surround me. Water dripping from briefcases and hat brims. It’s only been two days since Bad As Me officially came out, but I’ve been listening to it nonstop. It’s a perfect morning for it. Tom says that everybody knows umbrellas cost more in the rain. Today that feels truer than ever. Continue reading

bad as tom

1 Nov

The review I wrote of Tom Waits’ Bad As Me is up over at ALARM Press.

“Every harsh word has been employed to make sense of the ragged clatter that emerges from Waits’ throat. It’s as if his voice has always been 60 years old and his body only now caught up.”

A seeming lone wolf, Waits co-wrote and -produced Bad As Me with his wife, Kathleen

the many voices of tom waits

25 Oct

Tom Waits: "You're the same kind of bad as me."

Tom Waits is legend, larger than life. Few musicians are as cloaked in mythology. Yet his music has always been what music should be: comforting in places, jarring in others, pushing boundaries while always honoring the legacy of American songwriting. Bad As Me (ANTI-), Waits’s first studio album in seven years, is all of these things, continuing the direction Waits established with Closing Time in 1973 and hammered into the ground with Swordfishtrombones a decade later.  Continue reading