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the year in album art

13 Dec

Six of the year's best album covers, according to Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine‘s List of the Day yesterday was the year’s best album art. Scrolling through, I realized I’d seen a lot of the covers, even if I hadn’t heard the album, and I remembered being struck the first time I saw the art for Gloss Drop by Battles (No. 26) and Mastodon’s The Hunter (No. 6). Cut Copy’s Zonoscope was one I’d missed, but it definitely deserved its place at number five. And though King of Limbs lost its luster after a few listens, I did love its artwork, so I’m glad it made the list at seventeen.

The blue ribbon? Iron & Wine’s Kiss Each Other Clean, an album and cover that didn’t mesmerize me. Assuming I was missing something, I searched for some information on who made it. Continue reading

tiny conservatories

8 Aug

The moment I saw these paintings, I knew the artist had also done the cover art for Andrew Bird’s Noble Beast and Useless Creatures. (The rhinoceros beetle on the website gave it away.)

Each depicting a small conservatory holding exactly one plant (a cycad tree and a maidenhair fern), these paintings by Diana Sudyka were created to support Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory, whose fragile glass shell was destroyed by a violent hail storm early last month. Both pieces sold almost immediately. (A couple of weeks later, the paintings showed up on the cover of the Chicago Reader.)

Of note is the fact that this isn’t necessarily even the coolest local effort to raise money for the Garfield Park Conservatory.