someone uses toothpaste for the first time
at 39, slowly, rocking as if in a rowboat

deciphering the instructions to squeeze
from the middle and work your way up.

someone else, the opposite—or in truth
very similar but they think different—

learns just what apartheid refers to;
it might begin a meandering journey

a young girl decides she doesn’t want to
be popular; maybe reads Bridge to Terabithia

opens her heart to a new friend; her parents
notice and at her next birthday are proud

a 16 year old reads McSweeney’s
goes nuts for it, spends three hours one night

online, skimming list after list, penning his own
meager but mesmerizing micro-essay

two men, reading the same book, find out
race is not biological. they are in two strange

places. they now have more in common than
two minutes ago. the places are not all that strange.

someone meets someone else who the first someone
thinks could be their soulmate; someone #2

thinks nothing at all, except about errands, and coffee
and a film she’d like to see again, and of course someone else

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