the next thing

11 Aug

It’s been a long time since I posted anything. Let me fill you in on what’s happening.

I’m extremely close to launching a new site devoted to ‘writing about music.’ It will be called Cap Gun, and it won’t be music news, or reviews, or videos. It will be long-form music criticism a la Kelefa Sanneh’s treatise on Jay’Z’s Decoded and the language of hip hop as well as discussions with other music writers on the art and craft of being a critic.

My voice recorder is perpetually filled to capacity with thought-provoking proclamations and questionable musings by the musicians I interview. Much of it never makes it into the final piece. Cap Gun will be a place to sort things out. It will be a place to discuss the best medium for criticism (print? blog? podcast?) and a place to explore the question of why artists make unlistenable music. Content will be infrequent but worth reading.

Things around here had been focusing more tightly on music for quite a while, but I needed a clean break from Read::Zebra to make the new site what I wanted it to be. What you liked about coming here should keep you coming to Cap Gun, and I hope you do. I’ll have the official URL soon and hope to launch this fall. The first project in the works is a roundtable with Chicago-based editors of music magazines, weeklies, and Web zines. Should be really interesting.

I’ll be back with more info soon, but in the meantime you can keep up with my writing by heading to my portfolio,

Thanks for reading. Can’t wait to begin the next thing.

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