by way of iceland: inní

15 Nov

Inní, whose LP edition comes on clear vinyl, was released today.

It’s Tuesday, which means you already know the words that follow this sentence. “Music.” “Review.” “Posted.” “ALARM.”

Those are the redundant ones. What changes each time is the who and the what. Today, that’s Sigur Rós and Inní. The live recording is something of a missing piece to the Icelandic quartet’s discographic puzzle, and fans today are no doubt swarming their local record stores, hoping for the good news that the clear vinyl edition is still available. Here’s an excerpt from the review.

Here we’re left to ponder what we’ve come to associate, through the band’s Heima documentary, with Iceland’s lunar landscapes, wrecked infrastructure, and sweater-clad villagers; through the Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do EP, with the surreal contours of the human form; or through the Sigur Rós-laden Abre los Ojos remake, with the personal pulp of Cameron Crowe. With Inní, everything is stripped away.”

Read the full review over at ALARM

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