like minds like mythologies

11 Nov

Of course.

The day after I post about NewVillager, ALARM posts Katie Fanuko’s profile of the group, which first appeared in Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and Music, published by ALARM Press. Check it out if you need more reasons to love them.

Bromley and Simonini (who is an editor at The Believer) have played together in other bands, but NewVillager has allowed them to merge their interests in music and art. The self-proclaimed “musical omnivores” glean influences from Walter Murch, Foley sounds, folk melodies, and electronic beats and mix in elements of installation art to create distinctive performances, which incorporate the project’s mysterious narrative in some fashion.

“NewVillager mythology is the primary medium in which we work,” Simonini  says. “We’re interested in approaching the relatively abstract idea of the mythology through as many possible senses, ideas, and mediums as a way of making it more concrete.”

A character from "Lighthouse"

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