graphic journalism

24 Oct

Gapers Block, Chicago’s fantastic Web newspaper, is trying something new. Graphic journalism, they’re calling it—blending a typical news story with the style of a graphic novel.

There’s a gravity to their debut story (above) we might not initially see because we associate its style with childish things like comic books. But the panels tell the story of a woman on her wedding day. She arrives at the Cook County courthouse to marry her fiance, who is being held at the jail until his court date. He is charged with shooting and killing a 24-year-old man during a card game. More emotional than the stark words a journalist would typically use and more soulful than photographs, these illustrated stories may help soften the callousness associated with news reporting.

It’s the newest endeavor on a growing spectrum of graphic storytelling. Information is Beautiful‘s revolutionary data visualizations. GOOD magazine‘s art-directed infographics. Wendy MacNaughton‘s journalistic watercolors. The news media has always seemed to be repeating itself, now more than ever. As a result its audience has dwindled. But these forays into unconventional reporting may catch the nation’s attention again. They certainly caught mine.

Below the infographics, read all of MacNaughton’s “The Winemaker of Bolinas.” It’s worth it.

Information is Beautiful's "Fish Okay to Eat"

GOOD's "Where Your Water Comes From"

Wendy MacNaughton's "Bolinas Winemaker" part 1

Wendy MacNaughton's "Bolinas Winemaker" part 2

Wendy MacNaughton's "Bolinas Winemaker" part 3

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