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19 Sep

A view of Shanghai's "Edushi," meaning E-City

I’ve been reading a lot about maps lately, and today I recalled an Architizer story about a map-making company in China:

One Chinese company … may be surpassing the Google Maps model, using pixel-art illustration techniques to reproduce China’s largest cities online. Edushi—which means “E-City” in Chinese—is a HangZhou-based company that produces incredible 3D interactive maps of most major Chinese cities. The maps are not that dissimilar to Google Maps (pan, zoom, etc.). But where Edushi really seems to exceed Google … is in the rendering style. Unlike the clunky, half-empty 3D version of Google Maps, each Edushi city is modeled seemingly down to the last window mullion.

Go see Edushi’s virtual Shanghai for yourself.

One Response to “maps > google’s”

  1. Yatesy September 22, 2011 at 1:52 pm #

    This is pretty fascinating. I don’t know much about maps, except that I know I love looking at them and thinking about the hours of work put into them. I’m actually going to start a one-year blog endeavor where I spend one month learning about one general topic (ie photography, coffee, Norway, etc.), and one of those months is specifically going to be about cartography.

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