8 Sep

WU LYF's graphic website

Quasi music videos play behind the text

You should check it out

The above are screenshots from WU LYF’s politically charged but infinitely explorable website. I’ve become immensely fascinated by these guys in just six or seven days, and I’ll be writing about them more in the future, I’m sure. For now, here’s bassist Tom McClung talking about who—or what—produced their album:

“If there was going to be a producer, it would’ve been the church. It … told us in its sound to play less, to properly hold back and to think about what it is that you’re trying to do, what you’re trying to say.”

This church he refers to is an abandoned church in Ancoats, an inner city area of Manchester. Music writer Theo Spielberg (son of Steven) discusses this further with frontman and organist Ellery Roberts:

“The church echo lends uniformity to the album. Songs are painted with the same limited palette. They blend into and bounce off of one another, creating a network of recall that rewards multiple listens. … ‘After the first week we were standing there bunched up in socks and listened back to the recordings,’ Ellery [says]. ‘We realized that we were playing everything really fast because it was so cold.’

One listen to Go Tell Fire To The Mountain and you really can hear that disused, formerly sacred structure in the music.

It would be interesting to record the same set of songs in several different places and see how differently things turn out, how the environment changes not only the sound and production quality but the way the band plays.

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