fredrik’s flora

29 Jul

There’s so much music out there and so many people talking about it that sometimes it’s just nice to read what a band is up to on their day off. Fredrik, for instance, went to a local flower shop in honor of their latest album.

“People have started describing [Flora] as being about ‘things that grow,'” they told ALARM. “Fair enough. But … a music journalist recently asked us, ‘Dudes, which flower is this record about?’ … One of us said, ‘All of them.’ The other person said, ‘The ones that grow in darkness.’ Third person said, ‘It isn’t.'”

After that, they decided to find the true answer to the question. “In our neighbourhood in Malmö, there’s a really old, strange flower store that literally has 10,000 varieties of exotic plants. So we headed there, intent on finding the all-star representative of this album’s alt-conscious musical theme.”

The flower shop

The band

They run across an Aomorian Biscuit Belly (rank: 14th), a Manchurian Scorpionette (9th), and a saxophone-playing clown statue (10th), but the winner was the Junior Kentucky Mayhems, which isn’t the real name at all, but words pulled from a newspaper clipping near the unnamed plant. The name sounds more like a band than a plant, but I think their pick was solid.

The Junior Kentucky Mayhems

Of their chosen icon, they write:

“These guys reeled us in right away. There’s like a thick fur on them, with the prickly things underneath. The clerk said they’re also poisonous. If you took a bunch of German art rockers and buried them in ice for 12 centuries, this is how they would come out. There was no sign or name tag, but a torn newspaper was lying next to them. The words “Junior,” “Kentucky,” and “Mayhem” sorta lined up at the front.”

Other ALARM guests have written about who they’d like to share a bottle of wine with, childhood trauma at the Pinewood Derby, and the best upcoming film scores.

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