independence publishing

4 Jul

The Road to Somewhere, by James A. Reeves, comes out today. If you’re feeling patriotic, you should buy it.

Also hot off the presses is The Believer 2011 Music Issue.

“Besides featuring a CD of some of the best contemporary classical composers, this issue also features a wide-ranging (and rare, so we’re told) interview with Phish lead man Trey Anastasio , a conversation between David Byrne and Tom Zé, another one between Brian Eno and David Mitchell—that bears repeating: Brian Eno and David Mitchell, talking, with you reading along—and yet another featuring Martha Wainwright and Davia Nelson.”

Feel free to buy it off the stands, but that’ll run you $12, whereas subscriptions are on sale right now for $40.

And here’s something cool I just found out about. Abe’s Penny is a publication via postcards.

“Since March of 2009, the Brooklyn-basedpostcard publishers have been disseminating snail-mail storytelling for kids and adults alike. (It’s called Abe’s Peanut for the little ones.) Each postcard unfolds a part of a story, one week at a time. … The May 3.3 issue of Abe’s Penny features New York-based rock/folk singer Alina Simone, who wrote a song entitled “Lost” to accompany a series of images by photographer Spencer Tunick. … Following its release, Abe’s Penny posted the song on its website and held a party at End of Century in NYC’s Lower East Side with both artists showcasing their works.”

Via Design Bureau. Snag the latest issue of Abe’s Penny here.

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