Bang Bang Coffee Show!

16 Jun

The Bang Bang Coffee Show is coming and, like most things these days, it could use some help to get off the ground—or onto the streets.

The concept: pie and coffee from a mobile truck with a carnivalesque theme, served up from some of the loveliest folks you’ll ever meet.

Those lovely people are Dave and Megan Miller, whom my wife and I are fortunate enough call friends, so we’ve watched this concept emerge, and I’m not joking when I say that this will be one of the coolest things tooling about on four wheels.

Even the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile is no match for the Bang Bang Coffee Show’s exuberant spectacle, homemade pie, and small-batch coffee.

Here’s a bit from Dave and Megan:

Restaurants fear food trucks because if the food is good, they create competition. Our food and coffee is amazing, so they should shake in their pants. Speaking of shake…Megan’s shaker lemon pie is to die for.

A food truck requires a smaller budget than a cafe or restaurant which is perfect, because with our word of mouth fund raising we’ve already almost raised what we need. We spent the last few weeks acquiring the truck and learning what it takes to run a food truck properly. Now we’re ready.

I can vouch for just how sweet the truck is already, and when they’re not circling their block looking for a legal place to park the thing, they’re working on hard on putting the finishing touches on it.

Can’t wait for Bang Bang to get on the road, so donate a few bucks and get some sweet deals in return. Personally, I might throw in $100 just so I can have a pie named after me.

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