the lucid dream option

3 Apr

About the previous post:

I’ll never tire of tracing the path from Jules and Jim to David Aames.

But today a new tangle was added, with the discovery of the above link. A Facebook page for a fictional character. David Aames, it says, is a “public figure.” The page isn’t being manned by anyone; there aren’t any hypothetical quotes or status updates—nothing pretending to say what David Aames might have said were he real.

But it makes you realize: someone could. All it would take is a fan with some time on their hands. You could be that fan. Your favorite characters from movies, books, video games, comic books—all could be manifest. They could interact with you as if they were here, speaking to you like you always secretly imagined they might. More than that, you would become them, speaking for them, and living out their legacy until people began to wonder: was David Aames still alive, or did he die last year? Was his company still around? Or did they get bought out? And a generation would be born that wouldn’t know that David Aames was never a real person. He never did inherit a publishing company. He never was afraid of heights.

In this way he would live forever. Which, in the end, was the dream that David Aames sought to purchase.

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