two men, two truths

8 Mar

Two men at different stages of life. Truth at different ages.


There’s just somethin’ about this hotel / Got me wishin’ I was dead / Gotta get out of New York City / Somewhere I can clear my head

I was just kickin’ along the sidewalk / No one looks you in the eye / No one asks you how you doin’ / Don’t seem to care if you live or die

I just got to get me somewhere Somewhere that I can feel free / Get me out of New York City, son / New York City’s killin’ me

I get so tired of all this concrete / I get so tired of all this noise / Gotta get back up in the country / And have a couple drinks with the good old boys


I gave up the fast lane for a blacktop county road / Just burned out on all that talk about the mother load / I traded for a songbird, a bigger piece of sky / When I miss the good old days I can’t imagine why

Still I get restless and drive into town / I cruise once down Main street and turn back around / It’s crazy but God knows I don’t act my age / like an old desperado who paints the town beige

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