“You are invisible. Go visible.”

1 Mar

Bus Stop. Zoozimps. Tea House. Ninja.

Which gmail theme you have says a lot next to nothing about you. What does say a lot about us, individually and collectively, is what we’re emailing about.

Jessanne Collins, via Thought Catalog (and a mix-up in which she received emails unintended for her), on just that:

Half a decade into my inadvertent foray into reverse voyeurism, this is what I know. In America, we hope and dream and strive. We type colorfully, if not carefully, and in a variety of fonts—frequently oversized ones. We protect ourselves from violent crime. We ____ this weather! We keep you in our prayers and hope you can make it to our party.

She goes on to publish a list of excellent excerpts from those failed missives—a sampling of America’s day-to-day digital correspondence.

This wasn’t the first time gmail had turned up on Thought Catalog. One of the first posts I’d read was “On GChat,” a list of observations:

6. My first-ever GChat was with my then boyfriend, from the office in which I was an intern at the time. I remember being startled by the sudden appearance of the contact list on the left-hand side of the screen, under the mail options. I do not remember if I knew what I was doing when I initiated the chat — whether or not I knew what GChat was. I’d like to think it was intuitive. I’m sure Google would, too.

9. How is GChat different from AIM, which has existed since the beginning of time? You don’t get to make up a screen name — your handle automatically appears as the name associated with your GMail account. As with Facebook to MySpace, GChat, by design, asks you to take a little responsibility for yourself.

34. A contact of mine is currently working on a project for which is he twelve days over deadline. He has been invisible for twelve days — not signed out, just invisible.

2 Responses to ““You are invisible. Go visible.””

  1. Brian March 2, 2011 at 6:29 pm #

    I love this post. This thinking is fantastic. It’s very out-of-self and rather long-term with the thought process.


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