5 Feb




1/05 list :: what’s better than a ‘Best of 2010’ list? an ‘Excited for 2011’ one.

1/07 gloss :: idealistic pronouncements on the power of the web

1/11 mappiness :: Liz Danzico et al on happiness and the peak/end rule

1/13 Albarn’s iPad album :: Gorillaz post a free record it made on tour with an iPad

1/19 passed over :: what if the poor had the chance to invent things?

1/24 literary recipes :: does buying a ‘copy’ of a book make sense? Anthony Doerr says no

1/27 “proto-punk intellectual discourse” :: would it be better if not everyone ‘liked’ music?

1/30 quiet manifesto :: Geoff Manaugh defends his right to follow his interests



Jan. 1 When the feet roam, so do our minds :: Four takes on walking

Jan. 5 Gypsies, yurts, and French land planning :: Controversial tents?

Jan. 6 Where will we link to next? :: A new exhibit looks at real hyperlinks

Jan. 11 Organic circuitry :: Natural materials are being wired

Jan. 13 Commodities traders and industrial archaeologists :: Food is simply complex

Jan. 13 On myth, tourism, and ancient land patterns :: Hawaii’s strange built environment

Jan. 19 Better superhighways :: London increases bike traffic by 70%

Jan. 21 “Many Mansions” :: Exploring an ‘abandoned’ house and its architecture

Jan. 26 Tracking the conscious carnivore’s worst enemy :: Ideas for healthier travel


New Poems

I Hired an Introspector

Commutation of Sentence

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