5 Dec


More and more, my job is making me think like a designer. Instead of just editing copy, I find myself knowing what will look better—or worse—on the page. It comes from both the day-to-day discussions with our designers—the failed ideas, especially—and from looking at other magazines. I notice their design more and more: TIME’s “Time Frames” issue for instance.

The way it structured its overview of the decade was brilliant: enormous, full-spread opening photos for a series of fascinating stories written not by commentators but by people who lived that event. Iraq. Katrina. SARS. Napster, et al. The title: Time Frames, and the mini “Time Capsules” tucked inside. The content and design worked together in a way that some magazines just don’t pull off.

Ours are getting better—thanks to inspiration from creative but very serious magazines like this—but we have a long way to go. Here’s to better form, better function, and the fun of figuring it all out.

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