Old Housemates in Conversation (continued).

6 Mar

The first part of this conversation.

Prayer is a complicated issue. I asked the exact same questions about four years ago as I was graduating college. People tried to give me generic answers, but they had no help. So I will not give you Bible references or anything else. The Bible is good, but it left me so unsatisfied when thinking of the bigger picture and broader themes. It wasn’t that God missed something, its just that he did not specifically address all of my questions, fears, doubts and concerns.

Personally, I found an amazing answer in China. I got to a point where prayer was the only option I had in a country I did not know, understand or could communicate with. It was there that I saw how prayer over simple things that normally would not matter and we took for granted here in America were answered in mysterious ways.

Another source of confidence you can get about prayer is Mother Teresa. For decades this woman restored dignity to people extremely close to death. All the while she prayed and at the same time, she heard nothing and felt nothing from God… The key was she still prayed. Her actions don’t answer your questions, but they do make you wonder why someone who felt so abandoned by God continued to speak to Him. There is a great mystery in that, but lead me to believe I should keep praying.

I asked my professor about this in undergrad. He was famous for saying, “I have forgotten more things about the Bible than most of you will ever know.” He said that things similar to yoga now were used and seen in the church back in the day. However, the mystics who used them did some freaky unexplainable things so the Church power holders disregarded it and wrote it off until it became a taboo thing to do. (One example was of a monk who would wash dishes and pray. Many times they found him levitating as he washed the dishes). It is sad that the church lost this amazing thing just because they did not know how to explain it.

This is all for now. I lost my train of thought and should get this portion to you while it is still fresh.

Peace be with you.

Chad Eason

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