Why We Hate Us

19 Feb

I’ve written about this before.

So I was excited to find that Dick Meyer, NPR’s editorial director, also has written about it.

An excerpt:

When distinct truthinesses collide or when two bullshit artists meet, pointless arguments generally follow. There are two basic attitudes toward passionate worldview collisions. One is a hard-fought truce, “Let’s agree to disagree.” The other is “You just don’t get it,” “You’re biased,” or commonly, “Shut up and die,” “Fuck you.” We know which temperament is more prevalent lately. Belligerence flows from bullshit.

Along with Meyer’s own quest for unpartisanship, a local lunch place from people who give a damn, and a tongue-in-cheek approach to a personal (and deeply vital) subject, his book is refreshing and stimulating, even within the first 50 pages.

If you wonder why you’re so easily annoyed with other people or why you continually want (but can’t allow yourself) to trust the government, Meyer’s highly accessible take on “American discontent in the new millennium” is a must read.

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