notes on a we(d)n(e)sday

3 Feb

Copyediting for Canadian business publications has been more interesting than I thought.

I learn about things like this. I learn about mining in Nunavut (and that Nunavut, along with Northwest Territories and the Yukon, is an official Canadian territory). I learn about infrastructure projects in Russia.

It makes me feel things. Like that I want to live in Canada. Or at least bump up our Montreal trip to tomorrow.

The fact that I get to listen to music also affects my thought patterns throughout the work day.

Wilco. Love/hate with those guys. Like with Woody Allen. Though the ending bits and pieces of “Misunderstood” make me think of the music in The Princess Bride, which reminds me of all those times I watched that movie while home sick from school (truly sick or not).

I put on Tyler Gregory before lunch. He makes me think of Kansas. My friend John, who still lives in Kansas but no longer in Manhattan (where we both first heard Tyler), said recently that when he sees Tyler playing on the streets of Lawrence, he thinks back to the cafe, the streets of the local bar district. I think of that, and also the Flint Hills. Any openness really.

His a cappella tune “Boots Below” reminds me of William Elliott Whitmore’s “Mutiny.” Which makes me think of how the publishing house I work for also puts out ALARM, an indie music magazine whose cover Whitmore graced a couple issues back.

Back to the news. Back to editing. Back to a brain that never shuts down. I’d say I wish it would. But I know someday it will. Better appreciate it now.

One Response to “notes on a we(d)n(e)sday”

  1. Sean February 4, 2010 at 1:46 am #

    I see Tyler quite often as well, and it does bring me back to the days of Manhattan, though I hardly knew him there except via Dusty Bookshelf and Cat House concerts.

    The brain turning off thing is rough too. I’ve come to love it, though it keeps me up, and if something isn’t truly engaging, the mind will force itself onto something else, something distant, remote and fuzzy.

    Don’t let it turn off yet Tim. Nor anytime soon.

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