28 Jan

Been digitally MIAWOL , so here’s my recent life in unposted status updates.


likes BG+H

misses the people at Ipsento

is ever in awe of Chad’s book-recommendationing ability

thinks parents have an uncanny awesomeness for sending packages

is an ill-prepared tax preparer

album reviews and coffee stories

is convinced Thai food is better left-over; where’s a physicist?

To whoever stole my bike: be careful, the front brake doesn’t work


Snow, meet Mr. Martinez

could I be more excited about future potlucks? no, i couldn’t

missed his chance to get naked for massage therapy class

doesn’t think Al should make predictions anymore

thinks Dave should make him and Al more bacon-wrapped dates

apparently if you reuse your paper cup, Intelligentsia doesn’t charge you for coffee. which is awesome.


One Response to “MIAWOL”

  1. Sean January 31, 2010 at 5:52 pm #

    At times status updates can me a bit overwhelming to compose. There are places I’m at where I want to throw one out though, and I love how these read as such. Of the cuff almost. And that lend them an honesty and authenticity so often removed from status updates. There are times I wish I could mentally send them out, not just to facebook or Twitter, but to those people that would be affected by them. Or, similarly, what if we had a status update bubble above our head, a live feed engagement of those truly honest thoughts in our day to day live.

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