20 Aug

This idea was a candidate for the Column Contest McSweeney’s held a month ago. After a month and a half of waiting, the winners were announced and needless to say, I was not among them. Which was fine with me, considering McSweeney’s is probably the finest and most popular alternative publishing house in the country, the brainchild of author-turned-screenwriter+educator Dave Eggers. And also considering there were 812 entries.

So I’ll publish it here. Too many ideas were spawned during the time I formulated the thing for me not to write it. So I’ll attempt using this blog as the platform for a biweekly column called THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT, commentary on contemporary culture in America, mediated by weather patterns. Observations about the clashes of lifestyle revolving around humanity and the humanities, using weather as a conveyor of mood and a tool for analysis of the column’s topics.

A word about me, although most of you have an idea, before we jump in to Installment 1.

I grew up in a small Kansas town the son of a landscape designer and a soil conservationist who were married (to each other) and who actively bought the farmland surrounding our country home to restore it to native grasses, forming a micro-nature reserve in our back yard. I was by default an environmentalist by age 3.

Rekindling the fight for social causes in college, I paired my passions with my rediscovered love for writing after becoming an activist for the poor, a lover of new ideas, and a participant in a fiction-writing group my friend started.

Since graduating, I’ve gotten married, written for the Honolulu Weekly for a while, gotten poetry published, moved to Chicago, and joined a year-long service organization similar to Americorps.

I am a music snob but not a wine snob. I read too many books at once. I have fines at the local library.

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