on copyright / publishing / and other annoyances

13 Aug

i wasn’t a winner in mcsweeney’s column contest. it’s sad, but true.

i’m submitting a lot more stuff these days, and people are now classifying a blog as a publication, meaning what i put up here, can’t be published later, because it’s already been “published.” also, as i write more seriously, there’s always that danger of someone just blatantly stealing your writing.

so i won’t be posting poetry or works of fiction or any serious essay topics anymore. but i don’t want to lose the feedback i got from a lot of you.

so i’m just going to say:

i have a new poem.

if you want to read it, post a comment with the word “tweed” in it. and i’ll send it to you. you should also probably include an email to where i can send it.


One Response to “on copyright / publishing / and other annoyances”

  1. snowtone August 16, 2009 at 6:30 pm #

    i possess tweed underorgans

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