Copán’s King 18 Rabbit

29 Apr


1. glyph

knowledge is an impatient bugger. one suitcase and a wrinkled ticket for the Mega Bus. never to be seen again. by me.

if silence makes wisdom then I should start hanging out with my strange uncle with that Sam Elliott sagging on his upper lip as if it was the bridge between his eyebrows that broke off like a glacier and made a bristly crash landing on that crescent upper-cliff…

spring-loaded cannonballs rocket up the glittery, rough slope. past the clown face and Ezmerelda, dinging, whirring and flashing lights—the pinball machine of my life. destruction as entertainment.

2. stelae

and if hatemongers could all be locked up—found, jailed and brainwashed—I mightn’t have choked so fiercely this morning when my wife told me over grapefruit without sugar that she pretended I was someone else.

it’s all got me thinking. except the prize my cannon-thoughts win is merely another irrelevant wave in my mind’s obscure ocean. my only hope is some small leak that leads to a genetic tributary; gray matter dripping onto noble stone, stalagmite of braininess upon the bedrock of one tidbit: a quiet, passive statement about Copán’s king 18 Rabbit.

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