Look what the Cat (me) dragged in (from last September)

19 Mar


OK, friend and fellow journalist-+-music-connoisseur Christina Hansen (pictured below) fell in love with the Golden Shoulders (from Nevada City, CA) pretty soon after I did. I specifically remember class together (Linda Puntney shout out goes here), listening to them while we designed K-State’s J-School Alum Magazine together.


Then Miss Hansen goes off to intern at Paste and blows us all away and has this secret mission to get the Shoulders mentioned in the magazine. And as far as I knew, she never pulled it off, despite her best, and wily, efforts.

But then, lo and behold, I find this. It may be published online, but who cares? Christina, in my eyes, you have succeeded. You are a golden god (that particular rock appears a lot in this piece). So here’s to you, this article, that band, those memories, and (hopefully) some more songs from them soon.

(Word on the street is they wrap up recording soon)

And as for all you music-lovin’, book-readin’ types back in Manhattan — stay tuned for a Golden Shoulders stop at the Dusty Bookshelf next fall. That is if they don’t stray too far from the norm… dusty1

And for Chicagoans, May 15, allegedly.


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