5 Mar

feb 26 – mar 4

what’cha know about, Donavon Frankenreiter

cooking in the kitchen, taco soup, Al practicing her turns, no one else around

she looks to me, Red Hot Chili Peppers

driving, Kostner: our new avenue South, a Thursday afternoon, meeting Stephen later for a clumsy rescue of a somewhat shabby desk

colors, Portugal. The Man

a brooding song, like the Wisconsin weather. the lake, the snow. we’re holed up in our room. i take a shower and this comes on

cheers darlin’, Damien Rice

reading in bed, it’s a Damien Rice night. what a fascinating sound this song has

message in a bottle, The Police

discussing what we’ve been reading, the Police turned way down, this song a bit too peppy, Al comments later, I say it’s just right.

surprise, Gnarls Barkley

a forgotten song tucked into the middle of a favorite album of late, discovered, put on the mix for our trip North

sushi, Kyle Andrews

so good, Mr. Andrews, i like the oohs – you’ve captured something good hear. i’d dance if more people were around. or fewer.

id engager, Of Montreal

another dancing tune: but i’m at my desk writing. it infuses my words with a weirdness i’m ok with.

my strange uncle, Gogol Bordello

another forgotten track, rediscovered when Chad says – what about the East-European stuff? this song is one big party.

Album of the Week: red hot chili peppers’ Stadium Arcadium.
John Frusciante tears up every single song.


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