27 Jan

january 20-27

you only live once, the strokes

–> praise be to our local library for giving me albums I’d be loathe to buy. [i know, i’m a pirate just like everyone else. but i’ll maintain that i’m a different KIND of pirate]

scythian empires, andrew bird

–> favorite part: piano at beginning. no, make that the grungy feedback at about 2:30.

i don’t have the time, straylight run

–> not much of fan of these guys actually (send my apologies to Reid Mueller), but their drummer is actually brilliant. he fucking kills this song.

top yourself, the raconteurs

–> a little more americana than some of their other tunes. which strikes my fancy.

steps in the wrong direction, portico quartet

–> see previous post, “titles, voyages”

* * * * *
album of the week: portico quartet’s Knee-Deep in the North Sea



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