titles, voyages

23 Jan

titles have always been something that fascinate me, much like the way trees grow, and how the animal kingdom works, and how some people are extremely wise, and also how certain books seem so right.


but especially interesting lately have been the titles of instrumental pieces of music.

there seems to be so much more of a story in them.

or not more of a story, just a more open one.

such as, “Steps in the Wrong Direction,” a piece by Portico Quartet, from London. it’s a quick, stand-up bass-driven tune. the wire brushes on the snare are like, quick but shuffled steps, perhaps on a sidewalk strewn with leaves, on a brisk afternoon, when the sun is not yet low, but masked by dense clouds.


or “The Big Ship,” by ambient legend Brian Eno. Sailing across a digital sea? Floating above our houses? Anchored off a distant, imaginary shore?


What about “The Supine” by Andrew Bird? It tells the story of movement, but also stationary moments. Almost like a cycle. Like walking in sand, where you take 1 step and slide back 2. Or like history, as things circle around and double-back. The stationary moments, where things seem to be slowing and perhaps giving the appearance of movement without actually moving (much like car wheels, or bicycle spokes) take on a new meaning if you know the meaning of supine: marked by lethargy, passivity, or blameworthy indifference. Or: lying on your back, facing upward.


i appreciate the openness of these titles, more so than lines pulled directly from lyrics. i love their freedom. their potential voyage.


One Response to “titles, voyages”

  1. snowtone January 28, 2009 at 12:08 am #

    of all the blogs in blogosphere, tough blogs, sissy blogs, blogs who climb on rocks, your blog is my favorite

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