why i love joe purdy

13 Jan

a) these words:
I’ll show you Paris in the morning
I’ll show you London afternoon
If you feel your Dublin heart is burning
Yeah well you don’t have to worry ’cause we’re goin’ there soon

Yeah turns out Mona Lisa well she ain’t laughin’
Yeah but she can’t get much lovin’ from the wall
If some stranger try to take you from me
First I’d rescue you then I’d punch him in the jaw

We tried to sink in with the locals
Turns out they ain’t mean but they still don’t know
And I will do my best to speak the language to the rest
So I can buy you flowers baby everywhere we go

At night the clown does tricks outside the fountain
And children can’t believe what they just saw
And as for all this weather we don’t need this damn umbrella
‘Cause we’ll be kissin’ by the water, feel the water as it falls

b) the mandolin solo on “Woman Go.” listen here.

c) “You Can Tell Georgia”


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