music | art | questions of acquisition

8 Jan

Thought #2 on Music and the current State of It. See “You have 42 Days Worth of Music” for #1.

When we visit museums, of art, of history, of industry, of society
we don’t feel compelled to acquire the art
the relics
or ideas

But when we explore music, in a group or individually
we rarely see albums as the art they are
and we sometimes feel that to fully appreciate them
we must have them
own them
keep them for our perpetual enjoyment

Surely this is necessary for certain music
a person should be paired with a few albums
we can benefit greatly from the acquisition of music
but we tend to acquire much more music than art, and that’s unnecessary

Do I have to purchase Medulla to appreciate that Bjork made an album consisting of almost all a cappella vocal arrangments?
i can believe that’s brilliant without adding it to my collection.

and i do. Bjork, that was brilliant. I really liked “Oceania.”


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